Silver Moon

Silver Moon is purely Fanfiction of a Fanfiction called Forever After by BellaNessieCullen. She has given me complete permission to use her characters. 
Silver Moon is a continuatuon of Forever After. 

So actually this was suppose to be a one shot about Allesandra's life when she's grown up..well as I was searching for models for the other children , some plot lines popped into my head. Though Allesandra is the main character of this story. (love her too much, lol)

I know these are many kids so if it helps: Brooke, Lily, Isla, Katerina, Beniamino, Allesandra and Skyla will be my main character. The other children will play part, but I thought it would be sweet if I focuse on them. Sarah's children were in LiP and the one shot about Izellah/Beth/Lexi and William's children will be mentioned (in) FL. 

Ashton Billy Cullen-Black - 6 March 2035
Phoebe-Sarah Cullen-Black - 6 March 2035
Brooke Esme Cullen-Black  -30 January 2043 
Emilia Renee Cullen-Black  - 27 August 2047
Charlie Carlisle Cullen- Black -28 November 2049

Izellah Bianca Neve Black - 12 February 2131
Jacob Edward William Black -20 June 2131

Lily Isobel Clearwater - 3 February 2041  
Isla Cassandra Clearwater  - 3 February 2041  

Katerina Lidiya Lauren Balev- Black - 12 December 2056   
Damyan Zachary Aleksander Balev Black - 5th March 2064

Oscar Jacob Black- 14 September 2048
Tyler William Black- 6 March 2050
Jonah Edward Black - 5 July 2055

Beniamino Pancrazio Cullen- 4 June 2048
Allesandra Sophia Cullen  - 16 September 2050

Levi Oliver Edward Cullen-Wright- 7 July 2056

Skyla Holly Cullen-Bennett- 4 April 2058

Black-Cullen Family (William/Sophia)

Ashton Billy (17 and 3) 

Potrayed by Joe Jonas

Phoebe Sarah (17 and 3)

Portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz and Lilia

Brooke Esme ( 17 and 6)

Portrayed by Phoebe Tonkin and Avia Butler

Emilia Renee (17 and 4) 

Portrayed by Willow Shields and Mia Talerico

Charlie Edward (17 and 2) 

Portrayed by Liam Hemsworth and Kaden Roque

Black Family (Sarah/Nahuel)

Izellah Bianca Neve (18 and 8) 

Portrayed by Adelaide Kane and Margarita Drugal

Jacob Edward William (9)

Portrayed by Unknown and Elton Idrisov

Clearwater Family (Lauren/Nick)

Lily Isobel (17 and 8)

Isla Cassandra (17 and 8) 

Portrayed by Mila Kunis and Gabriella Jones

Balev-Black Family (Anelie/Tony)

Katerina-Lidiya Balev-Black (17 and 6)

Portrayed by Diana Argon and Kaegan Baron

Second Black Family (Isobel/Jason)

Oscar Jacob (18 and 10) 

Potrayed by Josh Hutcherson and George Knekov

Tyler William (18 and 6)

Portayed by Austin Mahone and Max Charles

Jonah Edward  (18 and 2) 

Potrayed by Nicholas Jonas

Cullen Family (Matthew/Lidiya)

Beniamino Pancrazio (19 and 12)

Portrayed by Shia Labeouf

Allesandra Sophia (18 and 5) 

Portrayed by Chyler Leigh and Alexys Nycole Sanchez

Cullen-Wright Family (Holly/Christian)

Levi Oliver (18 and 6) 

Potrayed by Douglas Booth and Misha Kolpakov

Cullen-Bennett Family (Avia/Keiran)

Skyla Holly (18 and 7) 

Portrayed by Alyson Stoner and Camilla Mandishi

Elizabeth *Lizzy* (Chantelle's half sister/ Allesandra's Grandaunt)

Portrayed by Hilary Duff 

Kieran Bennet (Avia's Mate/ Skyla's father) 

Portrayed by Theo James

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